Editing Torrc File

I use Tor Browser for privacy, not speed. Depending on how Tor connects,
page loading can be excessively slow. This article describes how to increase
Tor speed by editing the Torrc file.

Scroll down to number 3 - Optimize Entry/Exit Nodes.

I’d like to try this procedure, just to see if Tor Browser can load pages faster.
If I add these entry and exit nodes to the Torrc file as described in the article,
will my anonymity be compromised?

If i understood it right, the nodes will always be the same so yes it kinda will hurt your anonymity

Thank you Esmail EL BoB.

I’ve read at least a dozen articles about the Tor Relay Network, but I’m not an expert.
The same entry and exit nodes seemed like a bad idea, but I wasn’t sure.

Tor was created for privacy, and the penalty is a substantial reduction in speed.
Maybe a Tor “genius” can think of a way to increase speed without compromising

I mean you got around 10 tor nodes which kinda split them but still bad idea like (i know its wild thought but i still can do it) if i know you in person and i know that you want do this step i could host one of nodes (ik one node not enough to spy) or if gov know you did it it will be easy on them to re-think what you did and request data from these nodes — i just mean it will limit privacy not much but it will so do not do it unless you really need it

The speed would increase if more people with fast connections ran Tor nodes and allowed their relays to use high bandwidth.