E2E Encryption Self Hosted Mail Server

Any thoughts or ideas along these lines? I know about Mail In A Box, but it does not allow for E2E encryption like ProtonMail or Tutanota does. I am trying to find a solution for self-hosting like MIAB with E2E encryption, or is E2EE with self-host simply overkill? Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

what about PGP ? also if you will host it on home (with your own server in home) not in VPS then i guess yes its overkill but at same time it will protect you if your server hacked but you can always use PGP

i mean use it manually (the pgp)

Mail in a Box is fine, but I recommend Mailcow instead, pretty sure MIAB is still Ubuntu 14.04 :astonished:

The end-to-end encryption aspect is 100% client-side. You can use any email server like MIAB or Mailcow and still use E2EE by setting up GPG in your email client. The only problem is you can only use E2EE with other GPG issues, but that’s a problem everyone has. Protonmail is only E2EE with other Protonmail users or GPG users, for example.

Out of curiosity, what makes Mailcow better?

There are also Mailu, iRedMail, and the aptly named MailServer (https://github.com/hardware/mailserver/) for those thinking about mail servers. No idea the strengths of each.

Mailcow is relatively better than Mail-in-a-Box because it’s more up-to-date and (in my experience) has more stable features.

I have not used anything other than Mailcow and MIAB so I have no opinions on other mailservers. AFAIK Mailcow is the most complete free offering, other servers restrict certain things like an admin web GUI to their premium tiers.