Draft mail (Tutanota or Protonmail) for notes

Should I use draft mail with Tutanota or Protonmail for taking notes instead of notes app (joplin, standard notes, …)?

That seems incredibly unnecessary. I would just suggest using Standard Notes or Joplin.


I agree with @danarel

For small notes/reminders I use Signal “Note to self”

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Signal “Note to self” is not sync between phone & desktop when delete. It sync only when add new.


You’re still better off using a notes app. I am not sure what using email drafts give you over something like Standard Notes.

I only use this for quick and dirty transfers of images to forward to other Signal contacts.

I find that Standard Notes sync faster when it comes to texts.

Thanks for your advice.

I used Standard Note 6 months ago until now. That’s fine but lacks markdown / text format support. I tried Joplin but returned to Standard Note because of better synchronization.

Well, if you ask from privacy side then yes they encrypt drafts too but if you ask in general then i would suggest a notes app for me i use turtl

Standard Notes does not lack markdown support

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The free tier doesnt have markdown.


Since you’re typing up anyway, drafting in a notepad is the way to go, even if you’ve got access to super reliable internet. Then copy and paste into your email of choice - that gives you two copies on the go.

Presuming of course you encrypt your hard drive etc. If not, then security might be enhanced using an email-only notes approach.

I tried Turtl but I prefered Standard Note :wink:

Thank you all.

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