Does self-hosting worth it?


I’m asking because there’s many softwares that can be self-hosted (Searx, Bitwarden, Nextcloud, TinyTinyRSS, ADGuardDNS…). Does a simple Bahnhof VPS (Small option) worth it in terms of price/privacy/security compared to no-self-hosted options?


Well for the small option ; 4.00 € /mo. + tax = 5 € /mo. Soooo price aside I guess one answer if it’s worth is:

discord vs own mumble server :smiley:

a private Matrix server could also be run :o

On top of everything else u mentioned :slight_smile: searx, etc. Lots and lots of stuff can be hosted :smiley:

I’m not sure how much VPS HD space u need tho, it looks like it gives 20GB hmm

At the moment I don’t have a server (that’s why I don’t offer any hosted apps :slight_smile: ), and I can still be pretty private without it. Like I use:

well, other peoples hosted servies; , or searx for searches, theres P2P IM apps, etc. That would be pretty nice to like have your own private unfederated Matrix server, but I think its more like a nice-to-have.

Hosted email would be lovely as well tho ! Right now, unless I’m emailing a CV or something, I usually just make “throw-away” email accounts via Tor for creating accounts and such (they are actually permanent accounts).

Another thing you can do…I don’t really trust that there isnt a government that can bypass SSH encryption - but for any other type of spying - you can setup an SSH login and edit a text file via SSH as a way of communicating as well if your frienz are astute & sneaky like that ^_^. Although if you want to make it even more secure…you could run an SSH shell onion service and use SSH via a Tor connection… oooooooooo and look at that - you can use GPG for SSH auth as well… that’s pretty clever, and one can say ; skilled :smiley:

hmm what else can u do with a server… oooOOOOo you can set it up as a VPN service as well :smiley: People say using VPNs creates lag in games, but it doesn’t hurt to try it and see how much it increases your latency (it might not be as bad as you think !)

You can be pretty private without this stuff but… its really up to the reader to decide if its worth it all :slight_smile: I guess it depends on what your using it for and how much you play with servers/security stuffs. U can do lots of fun stuff with a server tho

The rest of the world can use Signal™, Telegram™, Tutanota™, Protonmail™, DuckDuckgo™ and u could just do ur own thing and use totally diff stuff lols

Unfortunately only you can answer that question. Running your own server comes with the responsibility of keeping it well-oiled which might be too much of a hassle sometimes, especially when things go wrong. You are also paying for it rather than having someone else doing it for you.

I personally find self-hosting very rewarding, but again it has the drawback that you have to regularly check for updates, make backups, read logs, etc.

Probably one of the easiest and less costly is running your own local ad-blocking/DNS server. Nextcloud is another great project to host your own files and have the piece of mind that every photo, video, etc. is not being mined for somebody else’ profit.