Does calyxvpn and riseupvpn log internet traffic?

I found these two vpns on f-droid and they come from trusted organisations. (Calyx has made calyxOS (custom private android rom) and Riseup has an e-mail service).
But I still have an important question, does calyxvpn and riseupvpn log internet traffic like most free vpns do?

Hey you could have search for there privacy policy yourself you know
Calyxvpn leaves log and riseup dose not but riseup is located in us so it is untrustable

thank you. Calyx’ privacy policy was too difficult for me to understand, that’s why I was asking this question.

(General answer here) We don’t know and we can’t check as all of us don’t have access to the server and the running configuration. So we have to rely on the statements of these companies and yes, these are just statements.