Does bookmarking de-anonymize you while on TOR?

I want to start to utilize browser compartmentalization and use TOR for websites in which I require to be logged in and hardened Firefox for daily browsing. The thing is that I would like to bookmark some onion URLs since they are impossible to memorize but I’m afraid that this could affect my fingerprint.

Am I right? If so, where do you do to store these URLs? In FF’s bookmarks?

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Does bookmarking de-anonymize you while on TOR?

No, websites can’t access your bookmarks. It’s fine.


[Highly not researched answer]
Those websites, can still see from the referer that they haven’t been accessed from a previous website ? Not that this particularly deanonymise the user in any real ways that i know.

Do you mean if some websites (e.g.: Google, Facebook, etc) can see if I have previously accessed the websites on my toolbar?

I guess it depends on the security level you have defined for TOR, if you are on Safer or Safest a lot of scripts are deactivated and you can select which ones to use with NoScript so that blocks some trackers and therefore I hope they can’t see what you have done before, plus some other settings that must be built-in on the browser.

I would really love if they could drop NoScript and add uMatrix and uBlock Origin instead, it gives you much more control and it requires less work. Also, another good thing would be that these add-ons could remember the websites I’ve whitelisted.