Does anyone know something about Privado?

So I just got this interesting mail form a “Privacy Expert” who wanted me to look into privado.

Did someone else hear from them? They appear to use bing in the backend and claim to store no ip adresses.

I tried looking up this expert, but could not find any info on her, also asked if she is connected to them, haven’t heard back.

So I searched for Privado reviews, haven’t found much on that either… what about ya’ll?

I will check out their PP and TOS later, and if there is intrest might share some of my thoughts.

seems they are associated to

Never heard of them before, it’s a bit strange that their contact details point to locations in the US and EU but their TOS insist that applicable jurisdiction is under Israel and at the same time:

You agree to abide by U.S. and other applicable export control laws.

They are also quite open about the fact that they:

Privado may transfer, assign sublicense or pledge in any manner whatsoever to a third party, any of its rights and obligations under this Agreement, without notifying you or receiving your consent. You shall not transfer, assign, sublicense nor pledge in any manner whatsoever, any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement.

You are also not allowed to:

IX. Decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover any source code or underlying ideas or algorithms of the Service;

They do serve ads, claiming they are not personalized and based on your search results only.

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