Do you use a computer with an open source BIOS?

  • Yes, I use Coreboot.
  • Yes, I use Libreboot.
  • Yes, I use something else (see comments)
  • No, I do not.

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I use an asus KGPE D16 with Libreboot and a Thinkpad x230 with coreboot (with the blobs taken out)

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Is it hard to coreboot a x230?
and how did u remove the “extra” blobs?

no, but not because i don’t want to - i couldn’t find an open BIOS for my machine

Just take them out when compiling.

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So, where do you all usually purchase these open source BIOS’s from? They look a bit on the expensive side!

if you have compatible hardware you can install the firmware yourself - here’s the site for coreboot - you can also buy PCs with open source firmware preinstalled - maybe someone can list some more vendors cause i know there’s several

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coreboot + grub2 payload on my main laptop—ThinkPad X230 that runs parabola gnu/linux-libre though i’m setting up qubes os on a different drive

i’m typing this on a libreboot x200 running tails