Do You Think Facebook Should Be Broken Up?

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Yeah, split it into FB, Insta and Whatsapp. This will also teach Zuck (and other oligarchs) that concepts such as “consequences” and “responsibility” aren’t solely limited to plebs; even if the action itself is extremely mild.

I think prison is a better option when companies lie about not sharing private data. I believe Zuck’s excuse was that RBC/Spotify (and other companies) were somehow an extension of FB, so sharing was OK.

Perhaps a prison cell can become an “extension” of his office at FB…

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Anything that knows more about me more than me MYSELF should be broken into 1 million pieces.


That’s putting it mildly.

I wish their servers would catch fire. Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. are a vermin to society.

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But, But, But, Microsoft has “changed now”, because they “love Linux”!