Do you know other good forums related to privacy in internet?

Or subforums?

It would be good to have a couple of sources.

Only Raddle (has sub-fora) and Aether (it’s a P2P application, not a website), then there are some places where the subject appears but their privacy sucks -although this Discourse instance also does-.

all i know is here and reddit /r/privacy - /r/privacytoolsio

This is an interesting forum.

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Welcome to Privacy Tools forum :smiley:
Good topic question by the way.

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Wow, it looks really great and their privacy policy is pretty good, I wish they didn’t collect IPs but that’s not really standard these days.

I found one.

They created Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere.
Though I don’t use those Add-ons anymore.
uBlock Origin is the best Add-on for privacy in my opinion.

Related question:

  • do you know a mailing list like this forum?

This is not a forum?

Is the chyperpunks mailing list still alive? Maybe that.

If you just like email more than Discourse, you can enable mailing list mode on this forum and get every thread and reply sent to you (you can even reply via email!) lol

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I misread the topic :smiley:

I really miss the mailing list decade

Mailing lists was much better for privacy than this web based forums

While Usenet was great for its time, it wasn’t user-friendly. Which leaves out people who could benefit from knowledge shared by the masses. It’s the primary reason Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. Sadly the Web has also become a breeding ground for stupidity.

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