Do you check hotel rooms for cameras?

After reading the news about Airbnb’s use hidden cameras to spy on guests. I wonder how many of use really check for cameras?

  • Yes, I always check for cameras.
  • I occasionally check for cameras.
  • No. I do not check for cameras.

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I do always look for them no matter where I am

A few links later I ended up to Airbnb launches investigation after man finds hidden camera in clock where I found this advice:

How to detect a hidden webcam

Derek Starnes, who works in tech and who detected a webcam hidden inside a Florida Airbnb a year ago, told WFTS that he spotted a small black hole on a smoke detector and became curious. Poking around, he found a camera and microphone had been hidden inside. He immediately alerted police.

There are other ways to detect these hidden devices besides curious little holes. That’s good to know, given that some of them can be hiding behind furnishings, decorations or vents.

For a camera to see you, it needs a line of sight, and that means that you can see it. So visually inspect vents for holes or gaps – you could even look for a lens reflection by turning off the lights and scanning the room with a flashlight.

If you’re feeling flush, you could pick up a gizmo for finding cameras (they can get pricey), or if you’re technical you could use Nmap or similar to see what gadgets are using the Wi-Fi.

And to answer the question, I haven’t thought of checking for cameras, but I imagine I will in the future.


i’m in the same boat - haven’t in the past, but will likely be checking in the future.

fwiw on the topic:

and a bit more basic, but…

  1. how i will know if there one ?
  2. what about mics too ?