Do I understand addons fingerprint right?


Could you tell me if I understand addons fingerprint right.

If I go to the website, it (or trackers) knows that user xxx (me) uses addon called yyy, is it correct or not?

Other considerations outside the question:

There are 25 addons on first page of most popular Mozilla addons. Last one (YouTube High Definition) has about 131 300 users. This is very small number by the way for one of top 25 uses!

If we assume that I would like to use Linux (2% of population as per statistics) it would mean that statistically I am one of 2626 users (2% from 131300?

Now, lets say I am leaving in the country with 70 mln citizens. As per statistics 4.48 billion people has internet access in the world (some may have a couple devices, some less than one, not sure how it is counted, but it’s not the point, let’s assume it’s correct value).
So, my language is used by 1,56 % of internet population. Let’s even say it is 2%.
Now I start to go to the sites in my local language. Statistically, I am in
2% out of 2626 is 52,5 (because I use this language).
So, based on the fact that I am using Linux+this add+go to make me so unique (even under VPN)?

I’m not quite sure if websites can tell which browsers you have installed, but you are correct that things like your browsers language and (many) other settings will create a unique fingerprint of you. That fingerprint can be compared across different sites using the same trackers (any form of 3rd party sign-in via facebook, google, etc is enough, but there are actually a lot more as well) and from that make a profile of where you’ve been on the web.

Mind that you can use different profiles with different configurations and settings to access different sites that you wouldn’t want linked to you. You can even use complete different browsers as well. You can change your user agent (which has its own problems).

So for example if you use a relatively rare language like Croatian with Linux, then you are a lot easier to identify based on your fingerprint than someone using English.

there is no straight way to talk to your browser and grab your addons list but some websites run scripts like ads (or something like it) and see if your browser blocked it then likely you using ad blocker so lets say there is no way to scan all of your addons and you can stop all of that by disabling JS

about most of the post you can use addons to switch your user agent (so you look like windows user not linux) and use VPN to change your location and use english in your browser (to make it harder guess who you are) or just ditch all of that and use tor browser (along side firefox with privacytools addons/tweaks)

Thanks. So number of normal addons does not matter, only blockers.

By the way, do you know how to copy profiles in Firefox to not set new ones over and over again? Copying of the folder in Windows and renaming it does not work.