Do I still need Cookie AutoDelete

I am using Firefox and I was wondering if with the new total cookie protection still I need to use Cookie AutoDelete.


It depends on you. As for me, I set my Firefox browser to always open in private mode, so all cookies are cleared once I close the browser. On another browser, I use CAD if I stay login into my Youtube account. But I also add Ublock origin in the same browser to avoid other websites from sending data to Google via Google Analytics.

Protection dosn’t mean deletion so i would keep using them

How do you set Firefox to always open in private mode?

Open Firefox menu> Preferences > Privacy and security > History > Clear history > Delete everything.
History > Firefox will > Never remember history (from the dropdown menu). Then, restart the browser.
I also adjust the settings in about:config to block Google Analytics, browser fingerprinting. I still allow cookies although those will be deleted once I close the browser.

It is not 100% private and if you want more privacy, use TOR.

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I do not start FF om Private Mode. Cookie Autodelete is a keep … what about Facebook Container?

I never use FF Container, so I cannot talk based on experience. But I searched on DDG and found this thread on another forum.

I use Cookie AutoDelete regardless. I like the idea of closing a tab and having all data deleted afterwards.