Do Firefox Themes make me unique, browser fingerprint-wise?

Hey guys! My browser is feeling sad with its drab defaults. I want to spice it up with a theme via the official Firefox Addons site. My question is: does using a theme, particularly if the firefox theme has a low user usage, make me more identifiable via browser fingerprinting? The one I want to use only few active users in the low 2 figures.

The first few pages of DDG search and… ehem… Startpage (sorry still incorporating searx into my habit) doesnt seem to give any useful info at all.

Thank you!

Yeah well, for myself i say no because its just css tweaks inside your browser itself (like local change) but some people say do not do it inside tor so i’m really not sure but for myself i say no

I’ve done some test via and my " least 17.41 bits of identifying information." doesnt seem to change with the theme on or off… So I guess it doesnt make me unique? Any other method can you guys recommend for this?

I am not entirely certain, but I imagine themes to only change colours and not the size of your browser window or anything else that websites can detect.