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Description: Discussion thread for Vultr
Why?: Although there are other hosting providers with custom OSes or large selections like GigaTux or Exoscale, I am unaware of any that let you upload custom ISOs except Vultr.


Where are they based?
This is where it is difficult to find information.
The best I could find was this site suggestion Matawan, New Jersey.

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According to their website, the contact page shows:

14 Cliffwood Ave
Suite 300, Metropark South
Matawan, NJ 07747

From their careers page:

Join our team of professionals in the New York Metro region at our Matawan, New Jersey headquarters or in our brand new West Palm Beach, Florida office!

From their Legal page:

Vultr respects the intellectual property of third parties and complies with the US DMCA.

So Iā€™d say they are definitely based in the US.

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