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I had been running veracrypt in WIN 10. Encrypted the partition drive (where windows was installed). Moreover Windows was getting updated flawlessly ( from version 1709 - 1803 - 1809). Lately with the new windows 10 update ver- 1903 after completing 90% got an error - “update can’t continue” and my windows partition got deleted along with the data.

Has anyone faced this issue ? should I risk again encrypting the windows partition again?

This is normally not an issue with veracrypt. i can advise you to always have a backup of your important files (which you should do even if you dont encrypt your drive)

For Windows full disk/partition encryption, I would recommend Bitlocker. Yes, it probably has backdoor, but unless your threat are (US) government or Microsoft, you’re good. If they are, you shouldn’t use Windows anyway

To be honest I won’t stick to bitlocker.

However, I found out the issue that caused this disaster.

Check if the OS is installed in UEFI or BIOS? In win 10 by default it is stored in UEFI.

Use this cmd to check

Open cmd prompt, type:
bcdedit /enum {current}
See if the path is winload.exe or winload.efi

if u find .efi then windows is stored in UEFI and NEVER install veracrypt in OS partition, unless you never intend to update windows.

Losing bitlocker recovery key is a common problem, that’s a disadvantage for me. Of course, there are lots of tools that help to find it and restore the data, like EFS Recovery https://www.diskinternals.com/bitlocker/ (in case anyone’s already lost it and needs helps), but still, it takes time.

If i use a SSD with hardware based encryption, i need VeraCrypt?

Nothing wrong with double encryption