Discussion: veracrypt | File Encryption

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I had been running veracrypt in WIN 10. Encrypted the partition drive (where windows was installed). Moreover Windows was getting updated flawlessly ( from version 1709 - 1803 - 1809). Lately with the new windows 10 update ver- 1903 after completing 90% got an error - “update can’t continue” and my windows partition got deleted along with the data.

Has anyone faced this issue ? should I risk again encrypting the windows partition again?

This is normally not an issue with veracrypt. i can advise you to always have a backup of your important files (which you should do even if you dont encrypt your drive)

For Windows full disk/partition encryption, I would recommend Bitlocker. Yes, it probably has backdoor, but unless your threat are (US) government or Microsoft, you’re good. If they are, you shouldn’t use Windows anyway