Discussion: Unbound

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Awfully empty here…I was going to ask if anyone had an already compiled version of this. :confused:

I have always installed it from distribution repositories. If you are using Windows or macOS, you could install DNSSEC-Trigger which includes Unbound.

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I use it from the Alpine Linux distribution repositories, it’s more intended to be run on a router than locally.

Oh ok

Ill probably just stick with the build-in resolver in firefox

The cool thing about it is you can forward normal DNS requests into DoH or even DNSCrypt.

The way you can do this is via DHCP, or Router Advertisements. Clients connect to your network and are issued a particular DHCP server (your router running Unbound).

Unbound then forwards its queries into DNSCrypt, or DNS over TLS. That way the only unencrypted part is on your local area network. With the Firefox resolver, it only works for Firefox and not other applications which may just use the fallback resolver.

That configuration is detailed here https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Linux_Router_with_VPN_on_a_Raspberry_Pi#Unbound_DNS_forwarder_with_dnscrypt