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This is an official discussion thread linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.

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Great idea. Let me start.

I’m a dummy user of uMatrix and I’m sold on it. It mainly works (Vivaldi here).

One big exception, though : embedded videos on some media sites. Usually YouTube or Dailymotion. Opening them in their own site usually works.

Any ideas to make them work within the media site itself ?

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Does anyone have a quickstart guide for µMatrix? I am yet to try it as I have understood it to be difficult and I haven’t seen any one page guides.

I think their wiki had a link somewhere, but hte doman was expired.


One of the nice things with uMatrix is that there is a lot of useful help around. That’s a major point for me when I’m selecting software. Here are a few good resources.


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uMatrix is great, its GUI feels easier than NoScript to me and it gets better when being used more, since you can update rules per site you visit. This guide is enough to get you started.

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I had this thread marked as unread in my email for two weeks, but I have finally moved to µMatrix from Privacy Badger/Possum and it didn’t take me that long time to learn (coming from GNU LibreJS that I found horrible due to having whitelist ten scripts per page).

I made this note:

µMatrix (To possibly replace both Privacy things above, the domains are still free to show ads within themselves), possibly short note on clicking top half of the boxes to allow blocked things or allow everything from that domain by cliking top half of the box and pressing the lock to remember this.

Have I understood how to use it correctly?


on the uM toolbar there’s a puzzle piece icon (unless you disabled it in settings) - when you come across a video that won’t load, click it and see if there’s any user created rules

that the quickest way, but what you really should do is read the manual - and actually the docs for uBlock Origin may be more complete - both uM and uBO share a lot of the same functionality


you should read the docs, and actually the docs for for uBlock O might be of greater value depending on what you need to know

see if this helps you also…

Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs – 12Bytes.org


Thanks. I keep forgetting the puzzle icon. So if it’s not greyed-out, and there are user created rules (meaning me, presumably), what am I supposed to do then ?


the user created rules (‘recipes’ as they’re called on the wiki) are created by other users - when you click a rule, it will be imported to uM as a temporary rule and will not be made permanent unless you click the lock icon - upon import, you will see the colored boxes change in the uM pop-up to reflect the rule filters

the first thing to do is set the scope for which you want to apply the rule - do you want the rule to affect only one domain? one URL? or all domains? if it’s videos from like YT or Dailymotion or whatever, you probably want to set the scope to global, then import the rule, then save the changes

these rule-sets are exactly the same as if you created them, so you can make changes or remove them at any time if you like and re-save


I tried to see what happens at www.wyoutube.com, and the puzzle icon is greyed-out there. Did not anybody write some user rules for You Tube ?


it’s not grayed out if you load a video page - really though, you need to read the docs to understand how to use it otherwise you’re just going to cause yourself problems - if uM it too difficult, look for other alternatives, but if you take the time to read the wiki you’ll find it’s very easy to use - optionally you can read this which relies on uBlock instead of uMatrix…

The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! – 12Bytes.org

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