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Alright let’s get this thread going. Which lists do you guys use?

  • All the built-in ones, except experimental.
  • Adblock warning removal list + EasyList
  • AdGuard Tracking + EasyPrivacy + Fanboy’s tracking list
  • Disconnect’s malware list + Malware domain list + malware domains + Spam404
  • Anti-FB list, Fanboy’s cookie/annoyance/social blocking lists
  • Dan Pollock’s hosts + Peter Lowe’s ad/tracking list

and some other regional, language-specific lists.

The last time I did a review of my lists, this seemed to be the optimal combo for avoiding overlap. I almost never get false-positives and ad-block warnings only appear for sites that have just started using anti-adblock services.

I forget which guides I used to figure this out. :slight_smile:


On top of built in lists, I use BetterBlocker’s lists that they use on iOS and Safari.



Ublock filters all except for experimental
Ads 4/4
Privacy 3/3
Adguard Annoyances
Adguard Social media
Fanboy’s Cookie List
Nano Contrib Filters
Nano Defender Integration
Nano Filters
Nano Filters Whitelist
Edit: recently added https://gitlab.com/krathalan/firefox-tweaks/blob/master/uBlock_Filters/krathalans-annoyances.txt

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these ones - note that there’s some goofiness going on with linking to anchors on my site, so if you load that link, F5 it to refresh and it should scroll to the uBlock Origin section

there’s also information about remote fonts and CSP in there that may be of interest, as well as getting uBO to work efficiently with Decentraleyes


Same here, great guide, I’d support more of the recommendations forming part of the PTIO firefox guide.

yes - i think all i did was link to PTIO in the guide as a resource, but i will absolutely give it more prominence

I’m glad you posted this as I recently “contracted” some really nasty adware. I was able to get rid of it, but it wasn’t a fun process. :laughing:

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Sorry to barge in, especially when I probably sound like a total dumbf**k, but what are these “lists”?
I have recently installed UBO, but I don’t see any lists. I would love to find a way to automatically block most of the known trash out there!

Click on uBlock Origin extension/add-on button, then open the dashboard:

At the menu located at the top, click on My lists.

here’s the uBO wiki - if you need help with something, please ask, but you really should read the wiki - uBO is a pretty powerful little tool

Excellent, thanks both of you. I will read the wiki

Looks like Google rejected a dev version of UBO. Raymond Hill suggests that this could be an issue for the release ver too.

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