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(Burung Hantu) #1

This is an official discussion thread linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.


Alright let’s get this thread going. Which lists do you guys use?

  • All the built-in ones, except experimental.
  • Adblock warning removal list + EasyList
  • AdGuard Tracking + EasyPrivacy + Fanboy’s tracking list
  • Disconnect’s malware list + Malware domain list + malware domains + Spam404
  • Anti-FB list, Fanboy’s cookie/annoyance/social blocking lists
  • Dan Pollock’s hosts + Peter Lowe’s ad/tracking list

and some other regional, language-specific lists.

The last time I did a review of my lists, this seemed to be the optimal combo for avoiding overlap. I almost never get false-positives and ad-block warnings only appear for sites that have just started using anti-adblock services.

I forget which guides I used to figure this out. :slight_smile:

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(Dan Arel) #4

On top of built in lists, I use BetterBlocker’s lists that they use on iOS and Safari.


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