Discussion: Twitter

I don’t know if there is a thread for this yet. But it seems like there is a bunch of different recurring privacy issues on this website, and it’s tipped the alarm on my Terms Of Service Didn’t Read thing on several specific issues.

I had to @ twitter several times now, that I was experiencing abuse on this platform. One recent one is where a bunch of users can simply @ someone, regardless of the relationship with that person. If it were just that issue, it might not be a big deal. But I feel like every new change they make it’s getting more and more haphazard to use.

I’d delete it, but I don’t even have the concentration these days. Even with Discord or Facebook, I don’t get these chain notifications.



But I had to tell Twitter to please stop allowing stuff like that, and still they haven’t responded for comment.


It also makes it hard to snapshot, without adversely effecting someone else’s anonymity to explain what exactly is going on.


simple solution (not supported account login) just to increase the value of the topic:
Nitter - front-end alternative of Twitter (https://nitter.net/)
e.g.: twitter.com/privacytoolsio > nitter.net/privacytoolsio

and also an article about former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into the accounts of kingdom critics:

warnings about Washington Post before access the article:
turn tracking off if isnt (they he’ve 12 trackers), and also to remove the bar blocking bc of the ads blocking just search for this line and remove:
<div class="zcaxi___" style="display: block;">


Is there an alternative for Android too?



Now if u’re talking about front-end alternative, that I know, dont have no one for Twitter available as mobile software. The only way to solve this as solution while dont appear a front-end alternative is using through browser, thats the only way.


Yea Mastodon is great. I ended up putting a lot of my fediverse stuff on my youtube-alternative.

( Single user instance of course. )