Discussion: Tor Browser

If it’s not a stable version, then I’m not using it

Well, you shouldn’t torrent while having your torrent client configured to use a tor proxy, it’s fine to just torrent over the normal network while having the tor browser open, because those two data streams are seperated.

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Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. So just don’t use torrent over Tor network, like don’t torrent over Tails, right?

I have found out this site

And was surprised it can track me even if I use Tor (default setup). So what’s the point in using Tor if I can still be tracked

Nothing Private uses Client.js to obtain the fingerprint of your web browser, and if it’s unique, the fingerprint is saved along with your name that you typed. The first time I tried this on Tor, the name was already there. That means someone else used Tor and entered a name, and then that name showed up on my browser since we had the same fingerprint. If your fingerprint is unique, then it’ll ask you to type in a name, but since mine wasn’t, a name was already there.

Tor is also considered a secure browser according to the people behind the website, along with Firefox, Brave, Waterfox, and Pale Moon. These five browsers were included because they either don’t allow fingerprinting by default, or they can be configured to resist fingerprinting. Note that Brave requires you to open a private tab with Tor in order for this to work properly.

Keep in mind all the other browsers listed have been confirmed to have spyware, but Pale Moon can be configured in a way that removes it’s spyware (it also has the least of all the browsers).

Even when using private browsers with fingerprinting protection, the website will still probably track you. Keep in mind that if a name you don’t recognize shows up, then you’re probably safe. If you had to type in a name yourself, or the name is one you remember from when you used the site in the past, then it’s time to get a new browser.

I have a paranoid kind of question here. As we know it’s not prudent to use Tor over VPN because of it’s privacy by policy system and a possible money trail, what steps should I take to protect my identity from malicious guard nodes in the case of using a Tor bridge? Sorry for the long sentence.