Discussion: Tor Browser

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Let’s get this thread going, I can’t be the only one on Tor.

I’m on it, of course! Have been for about four years.

I use tor exclusively for browsing.


Which is probably what I should start doing, right?? :rofl:


I find it funny that under “Tor Browser” it says “…for experts”; I never thought it was all that difficult to use on the surface. The configuration part can be a little tricky, though (relays, bridges, etc.).

Yeah I found it pretty easy too. The only thing tricky was noscript not saving the settings. But that was a bug IRC.

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And sometimes, for reddit and this forum, some buttons and overlays is not shown when on the Safest security level (even after whitelisting the forum on NoScript). Can only be shown in Safer level. Any thoughts on that?

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Is it a bug though? I seem to read somewhere that it’s intended for better privacy.

Yes, certain elements are blocked for anonymity purposes. Although I thought that if you whitelisted the site, it would display normally. I’ll try accessing this site from Tor and see what happens.

EDIT: I accessed PrivacyTools via Tor, and although it functions, as I said, some elements are prevented from executing. If you whitelist it on NoScript, you can mostly use it as normal, although there are still certain elements that won’t show up (particularly if you have the security slider set to “High.”).

Note though that in Tor browsers’s default configuration, everything should be working.

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No it was a bug, they fixed it.

It works on the “Safer” level too.

I don’t think they fixed the “bug”. I still can’t save my site preference.

It fixed it for me. What OS are u using?

Linux mint

Try the TOR alpha version.

I’m using the Extended Support Release, version 8.5; is this the alpha one?

No the alpha is 9+ (at the time of this writing).


Noob question here: It is recommended not to torrent over Tor. I thought you torrent over a client which just uses the normal network. Or does it mean you shouldn’t use a torrent client when using Tor browser?