Discussion: Temporary Containers/Multi Account Containers

This is an official discussion thread for Temporary Containers and Multi Account Containers linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.

Is there a way to backup/export the settings or at least have the settings sync with Firefox Sync?

Also, is there a way to selectively clear a container’s history and/or cache?

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The Multi Account Containers extension promises that, but I haven’t managed to get it working even once either and would also be happy to hear what I am doing wrong

Is there a way to make these add-ons work in private browsing mode?

I haven’t tried but I suppose you can do this real easy by selecting the: allow this addon to work on private pages option.

Try it yourself, i can’t do it because it says:
“Not Allowed in Private Windows
This extension does not run while private browsing. Learn more”

so how do i fix that?

please try it yourself before awnsering, maybe you did, but i got the problem, so i assume that you didn’t try it yourself before awnsering.

Multi-Account Containers is not meant to work on Private Browsing, as stated in the knowledge base article:

Note that Containers is disabled in Private Browsing and when Never Remember History is selected in your privacy preferences.

No, you have to do the following:

Go to Preferences>>Privacy and Security>>History>>Use custom settings for history>>Unmark everything unless “Clear history when Firefox closes”.

This will be the same as browsing on private mode, it won’t register your sessions.