Discussion: Syncthing

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I really like SyncThing. It’s a flexible P2P sync option. I’ve used it both for syncing a large number of media files and syncing application config files (including on Android).

One thing to note is that they don’t have an iOS client. I was also not able to enable SSL for a remote client’s web dashboard even after trawling through multiple forums (SyncThing, Letsencrypt, reddit) for many hours. However, this could just be my lack of knowledge.

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I’m absolutely loving this software. Its not only good for a personal cloud storage, but can also be used as a Peer 2 Peer network in its own right, for internal documentation between Repositories not yet for public release on Gitea or Github.

For example, if I don’t want to publish this privacy respecting AI right away, I can still share repositories between local Gitea instances using SyncThing.

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Do you think the company would be willing to answer the Questions to Ask All Privacy Services, @LWFlouisa ?

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I’m not sure. I might need to look for contact details.

Edit: After looking into it, I can’t seem to find the context details. However they do have a web forum to ask questions on:

What I was worried about, because firefox was acting funny earlier, Syncthing might have been the issue, but turns out it was an unpatched issue with browsers older then 72.01

So it might be a good idea to update.