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was it intentional to link to PTIO addon recommendation page?
(snowflake is Tor browser obfuscating plugin, correct?)

edit to add: I noticed mention in chat and saw other links you included there:

Yes, we needed a forum page to link from that PR and currently I think we are just disgreeing on the wording before adding the recommendation. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

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I was just reading the pull request and issue now.

Initial thoughts- unless this is separate addon for other browsers and it can be used to access clearnet direct then as you suggested clarifications on pull request, it must be made clear this is for Tor Browser (if that is so, or if not only TB then what other browsers is it available for) and its purpose is to allow uninhibited access to Tor network, when censorship (and related concerns like targeted surveillance) otherwise prohibit direct Tor use.

edit to add: ok, i need read more on this lol… from your issue I see

Snowflake extension turns users into Snowflake proxies letting censored Tor users use them as a bridge to Tor network.

let me unconfuse myself about being a snowflake :blush:

The extension turns a normal Firefox/Chrome into a Snowflake proxy which Tor Browser (Experimental) users can choose to use when they check “Tor is censored in my country”


and… now questions like does it affect the users bandwidth (I’d say yes) and why it changes so often, temporary.

getting smarter on it, note to self- waste less of others time, read more first, ask for clarifications after :sweat_smile:

And there it is on the addons page:

Snowflake is a new pluggable transport from the Tor Project. If you have an uncensored connection, running this extension volunteers your connection to be used as a Snowflake proxy to help users unable to connect to the Tor network. Your IP will not be visible to the sites users visit using your proxy, as this extension will not make you an exit node. If your access to the Tor network is blocked, this extension will not assist you, and you should use the Tor Browser instead.

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As you are a proxy, and censored users send their traffic through you to the bridge, your traffic usage includes it by definition.

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got it, and great description for our addons page!

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Does this extension need WebRTC to be active? Because I understand that it uses WebRTC, which I have disabled, since it is recommended to do so in the Browser page of privacytools.

Yes, snowflake requires WebRTC to work.

You know when it’s raining and the rain is formed of many individual drops? I don’t know if the name comes hrom there, but I see a connection.

When it snows, there are many individual snowflakes and especially if it’s not that cold, the snowflakes are going to melt soon.

When people use Snowflake, it’s like snowing, the Snowflake proxies are difficult to censor due to pretending to be a call and they are shortlived like melting snow so it doesn’t make sense to block it or if it doew get blocked, the IP changes sometime especially with home collections and then the snowflake snows again.

PS. I don’t know which circles you are in, but your meaning for Snowflake is easy to interpret as offensive. No one can choose their “cards” or needs. I guess I am open to opening mine somewhere else some better time. Good night

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Running a VPN would make no difference for Snowflake, right? The tunnel would simply go through another route (i.e. via VPN); am I understanding this correctly?

I am not entirely sure, I think you understand it correctly, but it’s a different question whether people from censored countries can access/call your VPS IP address.

It sounds like running a VPN + snowflake is an not issue (either for me or the person on the “input” side). That was my concern.