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Which instances do you usually use and why? (If the goal is to not have my forum life on this forum and my Mastodon life on PrivacyTools Mastodon and my searches on PrivacyTools search and my Matrix on PrivacyTools Matrix etc. so I am not looking for PrivacyTools Searx here)

I am trying to use https://searx.neocities.org/ to get random instances, but it’s tiring at times to have to copy-paste the same search three times to get a result as either there are no results or there is an error about requiring captcha or there is only a wikidata or something hit.

Alternative question, how is it to selfhost Searx, how much resources does it demand, is it painless like Gitea?

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search.disroot.org and searx.be No captcha with google results yet:)

  1. https://search.galaxy.cat/
  2. https://search.privacytools.io/
  3. https://search.disroot.org/
    These are mine
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Here is a current address hosting SearX that I use: https://searx.tuxcloud.net/

I use searx.be and searx.sunless.cloud.

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How can we be sure that if any public searx instance is not logging us?

You can’t really tell, to my knowledge. You either have to put faith into the many instances of searx, or host one yourself.

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These searx instances are good.

  1. https://search.privacytools.io/
  2. https://search.disroot.org/