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Cross signing progress:

“While cross signing is nearly ready, we are not expecting it to be there in time for [Synapse] 1.0.”

Work on reactions and edits (for both encrypted and unencrypted chats) is underway. It is in their “Now” section on their Riot Web Roadmap, and is also getting implemented into RiotX-Android and Riot-iOS

After lots of refinements, polishing and a few distractions we’re finally at the point of announcing the final timeline for both Matrix 1.0 and Synapse 1.0! We are targeting Monday 10th June as our release date - please consider this your two week warning!

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is synapse going to be 1.0 too?

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I mean that is what they say :smile:
Release date for Matrix 1.0 and Synapse 1.0 is Monday 10th June

I had been using Riot up until recently with a group of friends, but it seems to have had some problems. Generally we use Signal. Might want to try out Synapse…we shall see.

I think you’re misunderstanding something

Riot is a client for the Matrix chat protocol. So Riot needs to connect to a “homeserver” running for the Matrix protocol. Synapse is one implementation of a Matrix homeserver. You can run your own Synapse server and other people can connect to it using Matrix clients. The default matrix.org homeserver (the one riot.im connects to without changing any configurations) uses Synapse.

The release of Synapse 1.0 should bring more overall stability to the backend portion of Matrix.

But as they imply, the stability of end-to-end encryption won’t seem ready in time for Synapse 1.0 and Matrix 1.0, with the lack of cross-signing being a factor. See https://github.com/vector-im/riot-web/issues/6779 for blockers of end-to-end encryption stability in Matrix

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OK, I knew that Riot was a client for the Matrix protocol, but I didn’t realize that Synapse was a different Matrix client. Even so, I’d be interested to try using it.

Discussions from our GitHub:

Riot is the de-facto Matrix client and Synapse is the de-facto Matrix servers (and in the most usable state), you don’t need to encounter it if you don’t want to setup your own server.

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Welcome to the community, ilikecoffee! You have a great username! (I’m a coffee connoisseur.)

I just got a domain name rot.im :joy:

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Other discussions about Riot (in order that I find the tabs):

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Discussion thread for the Matrix Protocol.

I guess this is the last thing bothering me that is not considered as a feature. Files you upload are stored forever even if you remove them, while removed messages are only stored for 30 days nowadays.

Otherwise I am bothered by everything being stored forever and I don’t know how long will the encryption last, will it be broken during my lifetime?

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I used to use Riot.im for invite-only Porn channels.

But I don’t like anymore, because some really strange stuff get posted.