Discussion: PrivacySpy — a website that tracks and rates companies' privacy practices on a 10 point scale

So for the past few months, I’ve been thinking about how it’s so difficult for most people to assess how companies treat their data. Sure, people on here can sift through the news and read privacy policies. But how realistic is that for most people?

I thought it might be neat for there to be a kind of “privacy policy wiki” where companies’ privacy practices (by way of their privacy policies) are graded on a ten point scale using a consistent rubric.

So a friend and I set out to make that platform. We’ve called it PrivacySpy. It’s completely open source, supported by a non-profit, and there are no trackers (or ads, obviously). It’s really a community project more than anything else. (Oh, and the site doesn’t require JavaScript to use.)

Here’s the (beta) url: https://privacyspy.org

It officially launches on September 15th, but I thought the PrivacyTools community might find it useful/interesting, so I thought I’d post it here for your feedback. And, if you all find it useful, maybe it will one day be included on the site itself.

There’s also a browser extension that shows you the rating of the site you’re currently visiting. (And no, the extension doesn’t send a request with your current URL to PrivacySpy to get the rating; it’s all done locally, so your browsing habits/URLs never leave your computer.)

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the site, and please feel free to contribute code/grade additional policies if you have the time.

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