Discussion: Privacy Badger

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Privacy Possum #459 has a question on whether it should be replaced with Privacy Possum.


Arguably both are redundant with ghacks and umatrix with ublock. I’m no expert but plenty of guides argue that possum does not replicate all of badger’s functionality.

Also if we are taking Thorin up on his offer in the below github issue, this topic will be covered.


Somehow my Privacy Badger detected forum.privacytools.io as a evil tracker and redlisted it and this is probably why I have been unable to send messages at times and some things have been broken.

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I had forgotten I had commented here on PB blocking the forum, but that is nice as now there is a date. I have recently been opening multiple issues about it.




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What would be great is if there was a firefox version that comes with all these privacy plugins, and updated as soon as one is a candidate for delisting.

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I fear it would be too much effort for anyone to maintain that and also bring too many security considerations or things that could go wrong without even thinking that some of the recommendations are mutually incompatible or may conflict.


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To update this thread again, I have been surprised by antiadblocker asking me to disable Privacy Badger


and the issue that everyone talks nowadays, CNAME cloaking, is tracked at