Discussion: Nextcloud

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I installed nextcloudpi in docker on my synology NAS, like half a year ago. It’s just great! So far I’m syncing only notes but there are many many great other apps available. Once switched to lineageos on my phone, I’ll sync all my contacts and calendar with it.
Running it on the NAS in docker is the easiest way to make it working. The things I don’t like, that it’s running inside the synology environment, being closed source and for me too much gaggle and Microsoft friendly. Also, the hard drive never sleeps, since it’s running on it, even if I turn off docker and everything running inside entirely.
Now, please throw all your stones on me for using synology! :sweat_smile:

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Hello, I would not put Nextcloud in category of encrypted storages. The “standard” encryption does not encrypt file names and contents are encrypted server-side basing on user password. E2E encryption is nicely described, but… not implemented yet. Current plugin is in alpha version and is not recommened to use on real data.


It isn’t in “encrypted storage”, it’s in “cloud storage” :slight_smile:

On website I see it in both categories :wink: