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Mumble 1.3.0 is finally released, but the website announcement on it doesn’t seem to be live yet, or at least I am not seeing it yet.

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Mumble is used by Libre Game Night:

I believe their server is at mumble.datamachine.net

Although I haven’t used it, it seems like a really good project.

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I have ended up “running” two Mumble servers, even if mostly they run themselves, my own and PPFI one.

I mostly use it for VoIPing with my partner who doesn’t like WebRTC (and runs his own server using µMurmur though) and another partner was happy to hear that I run a Mumble and I have never even suggested WebRTC.

In case of the pirates, YPFI mostly uses Discord, but recently when they wanted me to attend to VoIP meetup, we tried Jitsi Meet first, but as we had problems getting audio moving either direction for some reason, we fell back to PPFI Mumble which naturally just worked.

I guess the main reasons why I would recommend Mumble are: doesn’t need WebRTC (likely causing it to be lighter) and having proper configurable Push-To-Talk. And in case of Privacytools.io, being able to use it through Tor is a big pro, due to the site recommending disabling WebRTC and the other recommendations not working with Tor (I actually don’t know about Wire and Tox, but @blacklight447 often says to use VPN for Signal calls in work profile as Signal calls are UDP that Tor cannot handle).

On Jitsi Meet and Push To Talk, see… Maybe I won’t offtopic here further and will instead open a thread for it, even if it’s just worth mentioning. Discussion: Jitsi Meet

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There it is


I too am a big fan of Mumble. It’s about as simple as self-hosting can be, is resource efficient, and incredibly flexible. You can, for instance, push the Opus encoding down to like 16kpbs and use it over cellular data or, as mentioned, tor, with very usable results.

There is also a web UI that someone has been working on. It works OK in my experience and has saved me a couple times when trying to talk to someone who is not very tech literature and other options have failed.

I just wish there would be a few fixes to the FOSS Android client, Plumble, but it seems that project has been abandoned.

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