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Joined new to Mastodon. Still figuring it out. I need an invite to social.privacytools.io . @jonah, can you invite me please :innocent:

Also joined, was probably the last one before the closure (hope the reason wasn’t me… :sunglasses:).
I have a question and an observation.
So, which android app do you guys recommend from the two and why that? Tusky or Fedilab?
Then, my first impression and observation: I’ve never in my life saw soooo much adult content and weird stuff (OK this is subjective but still), like in general on Mastodon, that I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for my son (for example) to chose this platform over the evils… I’ve never had a twitter account is it the same actually from this perspective?
Edit: I know absolutely no one on mastodon, so feel free to follow and contact me, so that I don’t feel myself that “l0st1n” there. I can be found under the same username.

Tusky and Fedilab are both valid options. Difference between Tusky and Fedilab is that Tusky blocks Gab instances while Fedilab doesn’t block anything but gives you freedom to block whatever you want, even entire domains (I think that Tusky has this option too). There is this whole Gab drama that I think is very overblown, but otherwise Mastodon is cool project of decentralized microblogging. As for porn on Mastodon that is expected when social network respects freedom of content (they are usually CWed meaning that you need to click on them to see them), also is expected to see some other unusual things but hey, you can block all stuff you don’t like and filter them easily. I choose Fedilab because I like to have a choice of regulating content myself, if you choose to join or need invite to privacytools.io instance ping me, my account is: @nikolal@social.privacytools.io

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Here’s an invite! https://social.privacytools.io/invite/Mbxtym2k 10 uses before it expires :slight_smile:


I don’t get it. Did someone call someone else a 'nazi" and now they are a nazi as define by - by - what?

If name-calling is going to dictate what someone is, then I say all politicians are Nazis. Now will someone do something a out them?

IF, on the other hand, someone is promoting Nazism, I ask - what’s the big deal? Only idiots and morons would follow them and maybe that is a good thing because then the Nazis can gather them all up and then we know where they are all together at 1600 Pennsylvania.

We don’t like censorship unless we do the censoring - right?

Before a Troll goes off ranting that I must be a Nazi because I believe in freedom of speech - I say ‘being a cry-bully is cramping your style and brain’ (if any left), and it doesn’t work with me.

This place is starting to sound like it’s being taken over by Darth Don and his StormTrumpers!

When one is offended, all the rules change.


Thank you for the great explanation! The design of Tusky would be more for my taste, however:
Fedilab states, they support cross-plattform accounts, like Mastodon and whaterver else, like Friendica, etc., while Tusky is only for mastodon?
Regarding content blocking:
#1: a fork of Tusky popped up recently with removed blockers of anything blocked in the original app
#2: kids… OK, I can, would, will block everything, what I don’t wanna see, but it’s quite the opposite for kids in my opinion. They would just crack, hack around all the blocked content, which a parent blocked, simply by curiosity and I still find the fediverse way too much weird for kids. So, I don’t see the fediverse, where kids sholud start their social media life, if they should start it anywhere at all, but I don’t think they have any chance of opting out some kind of social media as they grow… <-- any thoughts on that, anyone?

The way Social Media (SM) markets plus the controls our youth are already adapting to, like good little Googies, compounded with their inability to socialize without passing it through a device, leaves no doubt in my mind that Yes, they will be assimilated into the collective, and resistance won’t only be futile, they will have been conditioned to believe that anyone resisting is their enemy. They will be policing each other for the rewards - much like achievements in gaming. It is to be a googleated totalitarian world within 5 - 8 years with the higher anarchy being a combined government and corporate control - much like they are now, except they will be openly merged as one, instead of hiding it any longer. And the kids are being assimilated into it all exponentially.

I was very lucky to be part of a large study that included a huge survey of youth aged 8 to 17. I helped to coordinate the data processing and I was amazed at the results. I have a greater respect for youth of today and admire their over-all grasp of technology and ability to quickly adapt to new things.
But, the flip side scares the pajeebers out of me. When it comes to controlling the apps and devices they report they own, they failed to realize that based on their input, the devices own them.

I guess I could have been shorter with my answer by saying ‘The sky as fallen’.


You totally nailed it! Don’t worry about the length of your reply, in my opinion we must discuss about the future of the human kind and that is going to be shaped and lived by our kids in the first place, not by some imaginary generations. Maybe this thread is the wrong one but the topic definietly belongs to this community. As I believe, fighting for any kind of privacy today is not just for us but for our tomorrow too.

This is definietly already happening. Classes and parents gather in separate and/or common Facebook groups, led by their teachers. Kids meet in chat groups in different chat apps and they decide on their own, if some should be left out or the other way, if some doesn’t want or has no device to be part, will miss all the info being shared there…

This is horrifying! Alexa or whatever saying to be polite to an artificial voice coming from a device. Duhhh…

This is also happening already today but in all levels or ages in our society.
Has anyone else beside me tried to explain to anyone, who has never heard ( or cared) about all the knowledge, we share here and has been seen as a UFO or laughed out by everyone, even by the closest ones?
My point is, that we as individuals are responsible to change our future. Spread our knowledge. Tell our kids, tell our friends, parents, etc. So people wake up slowly and act. I myself am also just a rookie but willing to contribute.
Encourage everyone, the sky has not fallen.

I agree but reiterate that it WAS our responsibility to change our future. But you, I and others that believe in privacy are up against too many huge corporations and government whose only goal is SMRC (pronounced smirk) Stalk, Monitor, Record, Control. (you read it here first).

It is too late to take back the internet/trashnet. The soldiers of freedom and privacy never saw the bullet coming. Those that saw the muzzle flash, tried, but in vain, to warn us all. But we like seeing kittens killing a ball of yarn, and puppies romping with ducks and boring memes. The klaxon sounded in the mid 90s’. Most just cranked up the volume on their devices and filtered out the warnings.

Digressing for a moment.
The U.S. nearly brought the world to a end with the ~Cuban Missile Crisis. Even though most people felt the end was at hand, they went about their daily business. Some people even claimed that it was a lot of propaganda and that there was no such thing as nuclear weapons (maybe the parents of those that now claim there was no moon landing, the earth is flat?). Dr. Helen Caldicott nailed it when she described the need for people to go into denial over pending doom.

Most device users are in denial. People still swear that Facebook is the second coming, can walk on water and turn it into wine. Just as people pretended there was no missile crisis in October 16–28, 1962, the same mentality defends the evil behind Google, Facebook, Windows 10 and ilk.

It’s too late to tell our friends, kids et cetera about the issues facing the erosion to their privacy, their rights to be a individual and freedoms of movement and speech. Opinions are OK so long as the opinions do not contain negativity, praise government and corporations and do not offend anyone at any time - anywhere. Most have already been assimilated.
Done digressing so you get where our Homer Simpsons brains are at

I feel that in time, very soon, people will break off into Them and Us, which you allude to as having already started via classrooms. The discussions over Privacy will go underground and become the Resistance. Many will become adepts at foiling government and corporate controls with wrenches tossed into the works, while others will seek and destroy databases housing the data used by the Collective to control people. It will be a war - a long and involved revolution returning the right of privacy to the people, while boosting research, opening more support portals for the advancement of science, health, and industry and frugally done by using the money Google and ilk spend on spying on us.

So - I differ. I feel the sky has fallen - and we need to run for cover, hide, and start mending our rights from behind the scenes. Fighting the erosion of our privacy is like throwing pebbles at the castle walls - when it’s more apropos to getting inside and poisoning SMRCs drinking water - figuratively speaking of course.

You said:

Yes - I have talked to ‘people’ about SMRC, and did every day (use to) and am/was met with the Homer Simpson stare (or deer in headlights look). As I stated, I feel it is too late for many of them - they have already been Assimilated into the Collective - they are addicted to their devices. Their only escape is if they have a better option, and what is a better option than a so-called ‘Smart’ device, crack, heroin or cocaine is there? More of it?

I am not going to try to save anyone from the clutches of SMRC (pronounced smirk = Stalk, Monitor, Record, Control) as it’s none of my business to do so. It’s their life. All I can do is prevent them from involving me while they merrily go about exposing themselves.

I spend enough time protecting my ass ets and privacy, and, it is everyone’s right to go into denial. At least, as they device-walk their way through streets and places staring at their addiction, tapping back, saving - sending … I wisp past them - like a bit of fog, unaware that I exist. Now my goal is selfish, myopic, almost narcissistic in a way, to be like our sister in “Anon - ‘Unknown - error’” . … off the grid, invisible, un-traceable, and unknown. The movie Anon is just that - a movie, designed to entertain, but the movies premise?; that is too close to today’s SMRCs. Unless they tumble, and they won’t, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and minions are here to stay - to Stalk, Monitor, Record, and Control.

PTIO has been for me, a reasonable resource of a few like minds. Unfortunately, there is a bit tool much techineze gobbledygook aimed at those in-the-know, and only ends up scaring away newbies. It’s too huge a learning curve, too much maintenance, too much not to trust, and costs too much in both time and money to incorporate into our already assimilated devices any semblance of privacy.
The system is designed to make it easy to use SMRCs stuff, than it is to not use it.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant,


~The link takes one to a U.S. choreographed Wiki with a slanted and biased presentation, but lightly alludes to the facts as described in the story’s many “References”. Read it with a grain of salt, and teaspoon of vinegar.

Would anyone happen to know if I can get the local timeline of a Mastodon instance as an RSS/atom feed (that would also look nice on IRC/Matrix previews)?

I am liking the social.privacytools.io view on the network and the local timeline which seems more relevant to me than mastodon.partipirate.org, but that may be because I don’t speak French (and while I am interested in language learning, I think my priorities are currently Czech and Swedish).

Not sure if you mean this but you can simply append “.rss” like https://social.privacytools.io/@mikaelahttps://social.privacytools.io/@mikaela.rss

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No, I mean the timeline of all posts on a specific instance, for example I have been able to found


which shows all publicly listed toots on social.privacytools.io

Handy tip right here.

@Mikaela https://www.mastofeed.com/ Do you mean like this?

No, it seems to give me only a single user timeline that I could then embed somewhere in the web, but it doesn’t tell me all posts of the instance and I didn’t see a button to get RSS or Atom feed out of it.

Yeah, what’s the big deal? It’s not like they have a history…