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I can recommend Tusky as a good client for anyone on Android.

I can also recommend Twidere, which is cross platform and has the benefit of supporting Twitter and blending feeds, allowing you to toot tweets or tweet toots and channel content towards Mastodon if you are still on Twitter.

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I like Fedilab on Android, I am not sure if it has Twitter support, but I don’t have a Twitter account anymore after hitting one captcha too much.

I am not very active poster or user of Fediverse though. Instant messengers are more of my style.

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I heard people saying the devs are going in the the wrong direction, can someone more knowledgeable explain what’s wrong with Mastodon?

I also deleted my Twitter account after excessive censorship.

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I have a slight problem with fedilab


HUGE problem with them. Thanks for linking to this.

On iOS, I highly recommend Mast. It’s been amazing. Reminds me of Tweetbot for Twitter.

I am missing context that your link doesn’t give, how is Fedilab enabling nazis exactly?

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They have said they won’t ban Gab from using their app like most other developers have.

I am lost. Do I understand correctly that Gab is using same APIs as Mastodon and thus it’s possible to use Gab from Fedilab? How would they ban Gab from using their app?

Change the protocol so Gab cannot use it anymore (but can change the protocol to adjust and then just keep using the app like before)? Blacklist the domains in the source code (so Gab will simply fork it and remove that change)?

So is this a symbolic gesture that Fedilab doesn’t want to do?

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Tusky, Mast, and others are banning Gab URLs from being able to sign into their apps. Eugen, has even been helping developers set up bans on their instances and inside their apps, etc.

Yeah, Gab can fork it, and there’s nothing they can do, but Gab can’t really release those apps the same because they are banned from the app stores. So even forking it won’t be a great solution.

One reason they are moving Gab to Mastodon is because they are being banned everywhere. They are now trying to use the Fediverse because they could use their apps to continue to communicate and organize.


And then they will just set up an F-Droid repository for the forks and then F-Droid will ban their URL and then they just fork F-Droid or move to Tor and keep regenerating onions every time F-Droid releases a new version?

I guess it would still increase the treshold for accessing it though, but is this a task for client developers or law enforcement?

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I think app developers taking a stand is important. Yeah, they can fork, and fork, and fork, and it will likely drive them into ruin. They were not able to maintain their own platform and are crumbling. This is them trying to save themselves and developers have a chance to make they incredibly difficult.

Forking, and doing all of that also means they need people who are able to do those things, and that costs money and or resources. So I like the idea of making their lives hard.

On your last point, I don’t necessarily think law enforcement is best to deal with nazis and fascists. First, thats when you start getting into first amendment stuff, which is a whole thread of it’s own, but you also have the fact that law enforcement in the US has been incredibly sympathetic towards the groups and people using Gab.

I think devs just taking a stand is simply, common sense. They are saying hate has no place on their platforms. Standing up to fascists, especially those with links to mass murders, should be the default position.


I think it’s a fucked up world when software developers blacklist URI in their clients. Strange understanding of federation.

Since when is censorship a “feature”?

Since fascists who have used the service to shoot up mosques and synagogues.

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Why? Why you don’t ignore “nazi” stuff?

I don’t like CNN and never read it. Why does that not work for you?

“Ignore the Nazi stuff” is Nazi apologism. As a society we should work to ensure Nazis have no place to organize, recruit, and grow.

Not ignore them so they can kill even more people.


Time to block the Nazi apologist.

Reason? Why?