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Linphone is a big victim of CGN for me, the last times I tried to use it, I heard the other party, but they didn’t hear anything. We haven’t yet have time to give it a second chance through Yggdrasil.

Edit 2019-08-04: Linking to Discussion: Yggdrasil so people can see ideas on what Yggdrasil can be used for.

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Sounds like a NAT issue. (I don’t know what CGN is, sorry.). I can say I use Linphone with ZRTP regularly and, once things are setup, it works quite well, certainly better than the many WebRTC-based solutions. I do find the desktop UI a bit strange, though.

Carrier Grade NAT, basically when an ISP doesn’t have enough IPv4 addresses so they run their own massive NAT to give private IPs to all their subscribers. It’s pretty terrible.

That is what IPv6 is supposed to fix, but IPv6 is so needlessly complicated to be easily implemented.

Ahh, my suspicion was correct. Thanks.

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The calls with Linphone are pretty decent, used it for a long while. However they have a password limit of 30-ish characters(which of course I had an issue with, mostly because it suggests bad practices for security).

The UI is glitchy everywhere, on Android, Linux and Windows. If you use a phone, it’s REQUIRED that you provide a phone number.

I liked the reliability of the calls, but the cons kinda weight it out for now. More reliable than Riot/Matrix’s calls.

Just because the clients(at the very least) are open-source doesn’t mean it’s secure. It allows the potential for security, but it doesn’t make it so. Linphone appears to have had a make-over, the site. Hopefully they improve their clients.

If you encounter any issues, don’t leave them sit. Point them out.

One can use the Linphone client with any SIP service or even without one, by simply dialing another IP address. They do offer a free Linphone SIP account, which is nice. However, I just checked and there is no phone number linked to my Linphone account. They do have a feature that allows you to link contacts that also have Linphone but I’m fairly certain it’s opt-in.

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Sorry for the late reply. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to everyone, but a friend of mine was having this issue.

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Could someone recommend some SIP provider that offer paid accounts (i.e. credit, like Skype or Viber) I could use with Linphone to call my mobile/home contacts?

I use Skype for these purposes and it works well, but would rather like to have some other alternative

The only one I know is Odorik.cz but I haven’t used any of their paid services.


Thanks, I made account, but in order to add funds with credit card, they ask for CZ/SK phone number. Though it might be possible with foreign ones also, just need to contact them.

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