Discussion: Jitsi Meet

This is an official discussion thread linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.

Jitsi Meet is worth recommending on that page, but as with Discussion: Yggdrasil, I want a thread to discuss it (abuse by team member? (if you are familiar with the term oper-abuse on IRC) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), so I can stop off-topicing on Discussion: Mumble.

Anyway my main problem with Jitsi Meet is that it’s using space as push to talk key, which is very annoying especially if you also try to use the inbuild chat which can start eating spaces and you won’t notice that you aren’t heard until some time later. It also requires you to have the tab focused, while with Mumble I can have right control as PTT button and it will work no matter what I am doing (except maybe not if there is a Virtualbox running as that is where I have took the key).

There is an issue at GitHub, which seems to be mostly me recently.

In so far as Meet is considered a privacy option, it is worth noting that it is not e2ee. This is a general problem with WebRTC and means that Riot (and maybe Matrix more generally?), which depend on Meet, suffers the same. More info here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/409

  • WebRTC today does not provide away of conducting multiparty conversations with end-to-end encryption. (As a matter of fact, unless you consistently vocally compare DTLS fingerprints with your peers, the same goes for one-to-one calls)
  • As a result: when talking on meet.jit.si your stream is encrypted on the network but decrypted on the machine that hosts the bridge.
  • meet.jit.si is maintained by us: the Jitsi team at Atlassian
  • most importantly: what I was trying to convey with my first answer was that meet.jit.si is just one instance of the Jitsi Meet app (which is what the question is about). You can therefore deploy your own version of Meet, on your own server and in that case your security guarantees will be roughly equivalent to that of an end-to-end encrypted call. This is what’s unique to Jitsi Meet in terms of security.
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