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I’m researching a bit on Jami and wanted to give it a try.

Your IP address and that of the contacts you’re communicating with may be visible if you do not use the software in conjunction with a self contained network, such as Tor or I2P. Many countries have some form of mass surveillance and/or metadata retention.

Who does actually (can) see my IP and how?

Since it is a P2P software you are connecting directly with another user without the need of a third party like a server provider that receives your messages and sends them to your receiver like WSP, Signal, etc. So the only person who can see your IP is the person you are talking to. You can easily solve this with a VPN or Orbot.

This is technically not possible as long as your device and the recipient’s device aren’t directly connected with a network cable. There are actually more parties that can see your network traffic, even if you are using P2P apps. For instance, your ISP and the ISP of the recipient still see your network traffic/IP address, routers and switches in your network still see your network traffic/IP address, and many P2P apps rely on DHT discovery, so your app likely connects to other IP addresses in order to work.

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