Discussion: Exoscale

Description: Discussion thread for Exoscale

Why?: Exoscale is probably the only decently private hosting provider to support custom OSes. For instance, many users (like me) prefer less-common OSes like Devuan, OpenBSD/LibertyBSD, GUIXSD, Dragora, e.c.t.

You woudn’t find these listed on most competing sites, except maybe Vultr or Gigatux.

(Exoscale custom templates)

Note: I have not used Exoscale long enough to give it an honest and thorough review.
However, there are other discussion thread(s):

I would like to point out that they do support Windows VPS.
My understanding is that PTIO doesn’t like Windows and in complete honesty, who does?

However, in theory if they use proper virtualization Windows shouldn’t be able to access the other VPSes. I would like confirmation, but it appears that they use QEMU.