Discussion: Decentraleyes

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I want decentraleyes to also embed fonts so there are no more cdn calls to google fonts.

Right now I disabled external fonts in ublock origin.

A lot of people think these are blocked by default, but they aren’t.

It’s in ublock settings dashboard:


Some sites will look ugly without the fonts but I don’t care.

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IPFS Companion may be aiming to replace Decentraleyes at some point:

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the Decentraleyes dev is apparently considering packaging some common font packages, though i don’t know if any headway is being made

in the meeeen time…

in uBlock Origin > Settings > don’t block remote fonts

in Settings > My Filters (not My Rules), add this (courtesy of gorhill)…

! allow 1st party fonts globally (*$font,third-party), 3rd party by domain (,domain=~this.com|~that.com)

the above will block all 3rd party fonts, but allow 1st party fonts globally

than unblock 3rd party fonts on a domain basis like so, GitLab as an example…


separate multiple domains with a ‘pipe’ char…



oh, and just a PSA for those using Decentraleyes with uBlock and/or uMatrix - you need to add some rules to uBO if running in advanced mode and uM if using it at all - personally i add the rules to both even though i run uBO in simple mode, that way they’re there if i decide to ever drop uM


Ohh, thanks!