Discussion: Cryptocurrency Tumblers

Description: Discussion Thread for Virtual/Cryptocurrency Tumblers

Why not manual coin swapping?: I know many cryptocurrency veterans don’t like tumblers as they are rarely as good as manually coin-swapping. However, coin-swapping is generally highly expensive.

For example, here is a common procedure:

Starter Coin Anonymous Coin IP Anonymity Wallet Change Wallet Change End Coin
BTC Monero Anoncoin Anoncoin Monero BTC

Some more modern swaps only use Moner over I2P/TOR like “BTC>MONERO>MONERO>BTC”
Even then the fees can easily reach large amounts depending on the exchange.
They can also be time-consuming.

Why in general?
BTC is only pseudo anonymous. Most other cryptocurrencies offer the same level except a few privacy eccentric ones.

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