Discussion: ClearURLs

This is an official discussion thread for ClearURLS linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.


Just installed the addon now. The addon permission gives me the cringe for some reason.

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The permissions it has, seem reasonable for what it does imo. Worth noting it is a part of Mozilla’s recommended extension program.



The permissions seem pretty standard except for:

Input data to the clipboard
Download files and read and modify the browser’s download history

I noticed websites load faster with ClearURLs. An added benefit to it removing tracking elements.

when i vist rarbg.to the site says something is wrong with my browser, if i disable ClearURLs, i can use and navigate with no problems on the site, so i guess it must be related to ClearURLs, does any have a clue what could be the cause?

It’s probably related to this rule ([\/\?#]|(&|&))+((%3F)?cid=[^&]*) the ClearURL logging is really helpful for figuring that out.

Personally I would only use that in the Tor Browser. I’d also find a better website for your torrents, that one has all sorts of weird advertising stuff going on.