Discussion: CanvasBlocker

This is an official discussion thread for CanvasBlocker linked from the www.privacytools.io website. This thread can be used for troubleshooting, questions, discussions and if you look for alternatives.

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Last I checked, CanvasBlocker blocks some functionality of the web client of protonmail beta. Havent been using the webclient much since I got Protonmail Bridge up and running.

I did a bug report/feedback to Protonmail (but not CanvasBlocker) and I dont recall having a meaningful or memorable conversation about it.

So in the end, do you really need CB if you enabled Fingerprint resist and using uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere and Decentraleyes? I noticed when im on YouTube (rarely) that it helps spoof history. Is it stil needed or is it redundent?

It depends. Canvasblocker does allow for finer grain control per site. It also does other things unrelated to canvases, but related to fingerprinting. However if you don’t use any of those other features you could just disable those things entirely with a user.js


I’m glad the CanvasBlocker has been added under recommendations for the site, it’s really a great extension. Although I don’t think it’s a power-user addon, in my experience the defaults are very sane and haven’t broken anything for me. For the most part, it’s been an install and forget about it extension.

It’s still a very powerful extension where you can set to only whitelist certain readouts on specific sites. So, I suppose that’s a power-user feature, but an optional one not on by default.

Also yes, CanvasBlocker is still useful even if you have resistFingerprinting enabled: See here and here

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The other features you can disable entirely with a ghacks-user.js, which is what I do.

I can’t see where to whitelist a website. I have CanvasBlocker on default.
It would be good if there was a tutorial on how to use it.

Update: I found out how to whitelist a website. It’s not obvious at first. I had to expand the settings :brain: