Discussion: Android 9's built-in DNS-over-TLS Resolver

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Currently the page (you seem to have a broken link on the word PrivacyTools by the way) warns that there are some caveats about this, but Google’s DNS page says this and I wonder how it behaves in the fixed in Android 10.

I will not be getting my hands on Android 10 anytime soon.

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Hmm interesting, thanks for the heads up :thinking:


Not all DNS servers with DoT support works with Android 9 Private DNS option. Can we filter the list with what works on android?

I don’t think filtering for support of single client is a good idea, but I wanted to ask you (at GitHub in unrelated issue tracker where I thought it a bit too offtopic to start asking), what do you mean by not supporting Android 9 Private DNS option? Which don’t work with it, and how don’t they work with it?

More importantly why don’t they work with it, is this something wrong with the DoT resolvers themselves or is there a bug in the Android 9 implementation? Does it also happen on newer versions of Android as the current version is 11?

Is it reported in Google/Android issue tracker (so I could star it)? Is it documented anywhere that PrivacyTools.io could add a warning/link to explain this behaviour?

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Im on android 9 and im not getting this bug im using nextdns with protonvpn right now