Discussion: 7-zip

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In relation to file compression utilities, people were using a key generator for the widely known program WINRAR, so they could avoid paying in order to remove the notifications about their “free trial”.

Source: https://torrentfreak.com/winrar-locks-pirate-keygen-but-the-good-guy-towards-regular-users-191207/

Otherwise I do enjoy 7-zip for my laptop running Windows 10 Home.

i use default archive in my linux with AESCrypt or PGP

Use PeaZip

Why peazip has been delisted?

Few reasons, mentioned in #1782

  • Site doesn’t support TLS v1.2 which is now required in most browsers
  • Depends on deprecated libraries on Linux Qt4, and GTK2
  • Source is not in version control (but neither is 7-zip
  • Packages for Linux in no distribution repositories
  • Developer was non-responsive to emails I sent (that could have something to do with what is going on in the world currently though).
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Is this even possible? Maybe internal they use git or similar software, but don’t publish it?