Discourse (quoting replies)

I don’t know how much can this forum be tweaked and how much it is an issue of the design but there is inconsistency within the replies function (or with my understanding of how they work).

I would assume that when replying to a post I would see the previous message like in this example, where I can very easily understand what is going on.

But sometimes for some reason, it is not shown to get the information what post it is replying to I need to click on the reply button.

Then this is shown, which seems kinda confusing to me.

My question is this, is this just the design of Discourse or am I missing something?

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Hmm, I’m not exactly sure, maybe @jonah knows.

In this case I double-clicked the message to select the paragraph and clicked quote. The second hasn’t manually quotes and the third I don’t know how to read.

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Seems to work, thanks!

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Oh, now I see, it is the bubble that makes the magic happen.

I would still prefer if the quote reply was there by default with the possibility to opt-out of having the replied post but I assume that is the design preference of the devs of Discourse at least now I know how to use it.

Thanks @Mikaela


You can also highlight to quote a specific phrase. Ultimately, quotes are just text that are a part of the reply in question, so it’s up to the person writing the reply to include it. Typically, if I’m just responding to the whole general idea of their post, or if their post is very long I won’t quote them, but if I’m responding to a specific idea I’ll quote it.

It just makes things cleaner, I think. I don’t think that’s a configurable setting at least.