Discourse Alternative?

Discourse is very popular, clearly, but for privacy discussions, it seems opposite what we want. It constantly smacks you in the face with reminders it records everything. What you look at, how long, what links you click…

If this is “best” for forums, then what’s OK for forums, but best for privacy?

Except it’s not sending that info anywhere. Every action you take it only inside this instance of the forum and there are no links back to Discourse or any other third party.

That will remain true no matter where you go because forum info has to be stored somewhere.


It is recording many things in logs and databases. To assure privacy now and future, less is better, IMO.

forum info has to be stored somewhere.

I feel this software stores much more info than necessary for a forum.

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I also think that Discourse is the least bad forum software and the most pleasant to use and I am only able to name one alternative, which logging and data collecting I don’t know of, but it’s not recommended for production yet as far as I know of. It’s Flarum.



I thought discourse was open source and without tracking? Is there more info on this?

It’s a pretty decent alternative to Xenforo.

It is open source, and as stated above the no tracking is more on the lines of it isn’t sending the data it collects to another instance.

But Discourse is collecting quite a lot of data. And there is at least no GUI option to turn off most of the data collection.

I guess because it is open source someone could build an option where this data collection isn’t build in or disabled.
But as far as I know nobody has done this yet.

We as Safing were playing around with the idea of creating such a fork, but it would be quite a hassle of maintaining it and we currently don’t have the resource to spare for such an endeavor. Maybe we will create something in the future.

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Call me old fashioned, but I’m OK with the old style boards like phpBB and myBB. I’m sure they collect plenty of data too, however, it’s less “in your face.”