Discord/Skype/Slack Alternative

i’m deglooging and switching all my accounts to encrypted services end-to-end that the community trust, but i’m with difficult to switch from Discord to another service like it.
Can anyone recommend me a service thats like Discord/Skype/Slack? and if possible why would trust it?


See https://www.privacytools.io/software/real-time-communication/#teamchat.

Keybase comes with enforced end-to-end encryption, but the server side is proprietary and centralized. Furthermore, some people don’t like it since it is hosted on Amazon AWS.


Thats the point.


I’ve been using Riot (Matrix) lately for my gaming sessions and i have to say that it works very well for voice calls. Try it out, if you don’t like it there’s also Mumble, but you have to host your own server.


u should look at this about Matrix

also Mumble isnt a great alternative to Discord/Skype/Slack with the necessity of hosting myself


every email and every phone number in the user’s phone book will be sent to the Identity server without any kind of obfuscation or masking

Yes, that’s not ideal but it’s the best solution i could find without sacrificing usability.
Beware that before switching to Riot i was using Discord, which centrally stores all communications in clear…

At my workplace we use a local Rocket.chat instance, but i have no clue what to think about it, always thought it was an inferior solution to Matrix.


with what i found Rocket.chat is better than Matrix.org if u’re looking into higher privacy that u could have, but still not the best and ideal. both.


I think Wire is the best alternative. There are no channels though, but you can create as many groups as you need


I think this has been fixed, contacts aren’t sent by default unless you enable and accept ToS of the identity server and I think the contact discovery was possibly made more obfuscated, but I am not sure at the moment.

What do you use Discord for? If just for text, I would agree that you are looking for Matrix.org, but if you are looking for text I would also say Mumble. Mumble is lighter and is only missing E2EE, but text doesn’t get stored across reconnections.

There is also the previously mentioned Keybase, but it doesn’t have a selfhosting option and the only Skype alternative I can name is Signal (I wish I could also say Wire, but you know being the poster)

I am not sure if anything can be trusted if it’s not selfhosted.


Wire isnt free and now is with potential privacy problems


I use Discord more bc the bots that i can have, i’ve some private servers (only me as member) that i automated the news, twitter feed of someone, and things like that.
And as an alternative for Skype/Slack Signal would replace in my routine if didnt have a cellphone connected/linked


TwinMe is a good alternative to Wire, is quite similar but better.


TwinMe seems better than Wire and here’s why:



In my conclusion is the best substitute for Wire, now that they’re not so much secure and trusted.