Dictation/transcription/speech to text for linux?

Are there any practical, not-too-complicated, relatively accurate possibilities for dictation that can be used in linux or through the browser, with some privacy? A substitute for Dragon on Windows, in other words? TIA!

Whenever i be confused about alt i always use my old friend. so here you are: https://alternativeto.net/software/nuance-dragon-naturallyspeaking/?license=opensource&platform=linux hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob :slight_smile: Unfortunately there aren’t any alternatives listed there – there are some software recs but not appropriate ones as they mix in “text to speech” and code bases for any developers who want to turn that into software, but no usable software itself is listed. Maybe dictation on Linux is more niche than I thought?

I tried to explore this like a year ago. I’m pretty sure most of this stuff is commercial. I did find open source stuff or whatever but like you said it’s still in development and the accuracy of it is questionable.

Basically, I was in the same position as you and gave up trying to find one. If you need it then I still think Dragon is the best, install it on some offline device if you want to use it? I dunno.

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I would just install it in a virtual machine. That particular one is commonly used in business as it is considered the industry leader.