Detroit Police Commissioner ARRESTED for questioning city’s use of facial recognition

damn… squash the voice of dissent, police state coming to a town near you, soon(er than you think)…
the footage/news report on it:

and some good results, potentially:

Michigan could become the first state to ban facial recognition technology.

State Rep. Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit, introduced a House bill Wednesday that would place a five-year moratorium on the controversial technology. The idea is to give lawmakers and experts time to research the technology’s flaws and whether it is unconstitutional.

“There needs to be a discussion on where the limits are and how the technology is used,” Robinson tells the Metro Times . “We need to discuss civil liberties and make sure local governments aren’t overreaching.”

The legislation follows a Metro Times report that revealed the Detroit Police Department has been using a sophisticated facial recognition system for two years without approval from the city’s Board of Police Commissioners.

Speaking of which, I was shocked at this:

wtF?! those numbers are lies, except time saved, imo, and the likely rea$on$ behind it for delta, while tptb giggle with glee at our lemming approach to the cliff-side…

behind the scenes everything is falling into place, while we the sheeple, in order to form a more perfect surveillance state, fail to enjoy a 2 second respite so generously granted us at the gates, to a “there’s nothing to worry about, here, have a cookie” hell. cattle prods coming soon, to a terminal near you~