Department of Justice reportedly preparing Google antitrust investigation

I am willing to be bet a large amount of money that nothing will happen from this. At best it will be a “cost of business” fine and some garbage PR copytext. American regulators exist to protect oligarch interests and provide PR support to minimize the potential of plebs getting too uppity.

I thought this part from the source WSJ article was really funny:

Justice Department antitrust chief Makan Delrahim has said there is nothing wrong with a large tech firm winning its dominance through innovation, but he has said companies must compete fairly to achieve and maintain their position.

“Antitrust enforcers may need to take a close look to see whether competition is suffering and consumers are losing out on new innovations as a result of misdeeds by a monopoly incumbent,” Mr. Delrahim said last year in a speech about digital platforms at the University of Chicago.

This is some next level word salad. What does Delrahim even mean? “Winning its dominance through innovation?” Uhh, what? What exactly has Google innovated on in the past 5-10 years? Literally anyone could innovate with such a market position. I love the faux-contrarian quip where he tries to not look like a paid shill.

In Delrahim’s defense, he probably doesn’t want to deal with any of this BS and just wants to finish his term, cash in on bribery (Americans call it lobbying) and enjoy life. In a sense I empathize with him. It’s also possible that WSJ didn’t leave much room for nuance; but considering his position the corrupt shill hypothesis is much more likely (unless there is overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise).